Bathroom Cleaning

Cleaning your bathroom to real estate standard is imperative if you want to receive your bond back. There are lots of different styles of bathrooms out there and you need to use good cleaning products. But, as Brisbane has a mix of old and new houses, you need to be careful with your chemicals.

For example, we use a commercial calcium remover on glass screens. This contains phosophoric acid which actively removes calcium build up as well as rust from metal containers. Once sprayed on the glass it attacks the calcium build up and after being left for 30-60 mins can usually be wiped off with a microfibre sponge. You can also pour about 1/4 to 1/2 cup into the toilet to remove any calcium or hard water build up. 

When cleaning a shower recess your main concern is with two things; calcium build up on tiles, screens and frames and mould in grout. For mould in grout we use one strong, chlorine based product to kill the mould. This is wiped on to each line of grout individually to make sure it accesses the grout recess. Bleach can then be sprayed to whiten off the mould.

When removing calcium from the screens it's important to also take note of all frames. These also get calcium build up. A direct spray of calcium remover and a good scrub with a scourer should remove this. Being careful with the type of scourer used is important so as not to damage the frames. Some newer homes contain marble and an acidic calcium spray can not be used where it will connect with marble as it will remove the seal from the marble leaving an obvious dull patch.

Once the calcium remover has done it's job and excess calcium removed with a soft scorer or microfibre sponge it needs to be thoroughly rinsed away or the product will leave streaks on the glass. The glass needs to be dried so as not to leave any beaded water marks. Using either a window cleaning product with a glass cleaning cloth or a window cleaning tool to leave the glass looking streak free.

A glass cleaning tool or product also needs to be used on mirrors and again left streak free. Dust must be removed from the top of the mirror and taps shined with a cloth. Calcium can be removed from the base of the taps.

As throughout the house, all walls or tiles must be cleaned as well as the light fitting (taken down and 'debugged'), light switch, power points, cupboards doors, door frames and any extraction fans. Take particular note of the tops of tiles as these collect dust.


Removing Mould From Bathroom Tiles