Bond Cleaners Brisbane

If you're moving out of your property you want to do everything you can to make sure you get your bond back. Your first point of call is to check your lease agreement. This will state everything the real estate expects you to do to have the property back the way the want it. For example, some real estates will require you to get a general pest control. If you had a pet you will almost certainly need a flea treatment and carpets most often need a professional clean.

Hiring a bond cleaner in Brisbane is a good way to get your bond back because bond cleaners know what needs to be cleaned to meet the real estates standard. But you do want to check what is included in your bond cleaning service before you go ahead and make a booking. 

Items that should be included in bond cleaning are:
Make sure your bond cleaner is going to be finished in carpeted rooms before carpet cleaning is completed. You don't want foot marks, dust or debris to go back on the carpet.

Employing the right company to complete your bond clean is essential. It should be a pain and hassle free process for you. For example, our bond cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control and gardening services can all be completed on the one day. You can meet our cleaners at the beginning and end of the clean and payment can be made on the day. 

Below is a video of our wall washing process where we use a wall washing chemical, lambs wool t-bar wall washer and microfibre sponge to remove marks, dust and dirt.