Claiming Cleaning Expenses At Tax Time

Cleaning Expenses

When it comes to tax time you really need to know all the things that are tax deductible in your situation so you're not paying more than you need to. For example, laundering work clothes is a tax deduction if you are required to wear a work uniform with a company logo on it. You can claim up to $150 per year with no receipts and more if you are able to provide receipts. If you wear sunglasses and have to work outside, it's all tax deductible. 

What you may really like to know is that hiring a cleaner can be tax concession if you run a business from home. Many people have rooms in the home they use for office space but to be eligible to claim for cleaning, carpet cleaning and pest control your home must be easily identified as a place of business. This means a separate entrance for customers, signage or an area of the home that clients often visit. For example, if you offer home massage services this area would be eligible for a tax concession on cleaning. 

The usual requirement would be to identify what portion of your home is used for business. If you have a cleaner who is cleaning the whole home (including the business area) then you may be able to claim the cleaning for that portion. This allows you to have a discounted cleaning service of sorts as you can claim some of the money back.

So, if you're looking at hiring a cleaner for your business you can effectively minimise this expense by claiming a portion of the cost at tax time. Don't forget, pest control and carpet cleaning are also included under occupancy expenses through the Australian tax department. Make sure you discuss these options with your accountant so you can start saving!