Cleaning Step By Step

Domestic Cleaning

Whilst every room in a home is different, and everyone’s home is different, there is a universal truth; cleaning is boring! You will no doubt want to ensure that you can get your place looking amazing, no matter who you are, but if that means slogging around the house, trying to get it all cleaned and sorted without getting too tired or bored, then things can get pretty difficult! Finding an order in which to do things will mean that you don’t spend any time wondering what you should do next, and it is usually in these moments of trying to be clever about the housework, that the most time is wasted! If you have a set of steps that you follow each time, then you will always be able to get everything done in a quick and easy way, with little to no procrastinating. Each room is different, so you can adapt the steps to suit your home, and the variation between the rooms within.


Step one- Tidy.

Tidying is the largest change to a room that you will see, given that most dust and dirt is not that obvious until you look
closely. Open a window to get some fresh air in, put a favorite album on, or the radio, and get tidying. Remove all items thatdo not belong in that room, and set them in the places they belong. Tidy up magazines in the living room, put away clothes in the bedroom and take out the bins if you’re doing the kitchen. All detritus that does not belong in the place that it is found should be moved in this phase.


Step two- Dusting.

The dusting is a job that should be done regularly, as otherwise it can be blown well out of proportion. Essentially a good dust every now and again will ensure that you are not having to deal with thick layers of the stuff, and that you can simply whizz round the room with a feather duster and a cloth getting rid of the light coating that settles over a couple of days. Any less regular than this and you may well find that you have trouble with having to get rid of the dust on your duster between wipes, and this will slow you down considerably! Work form high to low in the room, so that falling dust is still taken care of as you work your way down.


Step Three- Cleaning/polishing.

If you are in the living room then this just means polishing up the wood work and door handles, but in the bathroom or kitchen, this will be the biggest part of the job, involving cleaning the shiny surfaces or appliances that are found in such rooms. You will no doubt understand that these are almost separate jobs in themselves, and will need a fair bit of attention to get done properly.


Step Four- The floor.

In the living room, tip the cushions off the sofa, and vacuum in all the cracks. Having replaced the cushions, vacuum the floor, to ensure that all dust and debris are removed. If you have a hard floor, mop only after vacuuming, as otherwise you will simply be pushing excess dust around! It is important that you do the floor as the last step, and this will ensure that all dirt falling form other places is removed at the end of the job, meaning little wasted effort overall.



Written By: Finchley Domestic Cleaning