Cleaning Tips From The Professionals

Cleaning can be a hard thing to get started, particularly if you're a working professional and your 'me' time is like gold. Spending hours on cleaning the home after work or on the weekend can fall into the low priorty category. Unfortunately, after a few weeks of this the house can get away on you and everything all of a sudden seems to have a layer of dirt and the house just won't wait anymore. To avoid this scenario our professional cleaners have provided the following tips.


If you're pressed for time you need to break your cleaning chores into daily increments rather than something you have to spend hours doing on the weekend when it may not get done. Develop a chart or download an organisation app like Evernote where you can set up daily reminders of your chores. For example, washing and ironing is probably best done on a Sunday to prepare you for the coming week. Try doing the ironing while watching your favourite TV programme. If there's a particular day of the week that's always a harder day at work, make that day an easier chore day. Choose one day that has a rotating schedule for chores that only need to be done every second week - like dusting blinds and furniture. 


Having the right cleaning products in your home helps you do a better job first time so your cleaning session will last longer. The right products also make your job easier. Take the oven for example, if you spray this the night before you clean it, the grease should be a lot easier to remove. If you invest in a cleaning product from a professional cleaning store (we use Fat Buster) a lot of the time you will only need to wipe the grease out of the oven and give the trays a gentle scrub. If a product like Fat Buster is left over night, even the hardest to remove stains should wipe straight out. And, if you're cleaning your oven on a fortnightly or monthly rotation then it shouldn't be too dirty in the first place.
For bathrooms it's wise to invest in a product like CLR (which can be bought in places like Bunnings and some supermarkets) or RCL 70 (from a cleaning store). These products when applied to hard to remove calcium build up in toilets, around taps and on glass shower screens make removing calcium much easier and provides a longer lasting clean. Do not apply this product on marble.


Investing in something as simple as a dishwasher can help keep dirty dishes off the bench but you may want to go one step further and try a number of other products. Feedback on steam cleaning products is mixed and we think you can't go past a good old mop and bucket. However, make sure you buy a good mop head that will really wash the floor and a quality wringer bucket will only make your job easier in the long run. In our opinion, unless you spend a lot of money, cleaning furniture, carpets and curtains is still best left to the professionals. They have invested a lot of money in machines that are a lot stronger than you can buy at vacuum stores which means they will do a better job. A good vacuum cleaner is essential and we definitely recommend investing a bit more money to buy the best. Choose a vacuum with a turbo head as these are much better at picking up hair out of the carpet. Generally the cheaper vacuums will have less power, meaning less suction, meaning dirtier carpets!


That's right... change your mind set around cleaning and it will make it much easier. Any activity burns calories so try to think of cleaning as a bit of a workout. Put an old t-shirt on and get ready to sweat. Set aside 30 minutes for your cleaning routine and you can pat yourself on the back for 30 minutes of exercise. At the end, you'll feel great in your clean house and won't feel so bad about sitting on the couch relaxing!