Cleaning Your Kitchen

It's important when your kitchen is cleaned to reach every spot - some you may not even have thought about! A good bond cleaner should know all the places that will be dirty and that a real estate may check.

A good cleaning list for the kitchen is as follows:

Cleaning cupboards - when cleaning cupboards they need to not only be done inside on the shelf but also on the walls at the back of the shelf. A lot of marks can appear here from pots and pans etc. The door also needs to be done, both inside and out, as well as the edges of the doors including the bottom edge where a lot of drip marks can accumulate. Another area people often miss is the top of cupboards. This area is usually very greasy and requires a degreaser.

Rangehood - The rangehood filters need to be removed and a degreaser used on the fat build up inside. It's also good to spray a degreaser or heavy duty kitchen cleaner on the filters then run them under hot water. The fat will literally wash away if the right product is used.

Oven - The oven is the first thing that should be sprayed when starting the bond cleaning. A quality, heavy duty cleaner should be able to remove all excess grime if sprayed in the oven and then left to dissolve build up. Always clean the oven door, the seals, the gap where the oven door opens and remove all items within the oven for cleaning. The stovetop also needs to be cleaned as well as any buttons or knobs for the oven - these often get greasy. If possible, they need to be detached from the oven and cleaned underneath.

Walls, Skirting & Splashback - In a kitchen, the biggest problem will most likely be grease from cooking. A good degreaser applied to the splashback tiles and then softly scrubbed away is the best thing to use to remove grease. Applying a window or general cleaner to the tiles and then polishing these dry is necessary to remove streaky marks that may be left behind. To whiten up grout after degreasing try a spray of bleach. Walls must have any greasy spots removed as well as finger marks, dust and dirt build up. Always check around light fittings and places where fingerprints are likely to remain.

Dishwasher - A dishwasher must be pulled out of its alcove. The floor underneath needs to be cleaned as well as the outside of the dishwasher and the alcove. Inside all filter must be removed, bleached and scrubbed. Excess water should be soaked up. If the dishwasher is metal a stainless steel remover may polish of finger marks and dirt.

Sinks & Benches - A lot of marks can be removed from certain benchtops (like granite, formica and laminate) simply by using a White Magic or microfibre sponge. A spray of bleach may also help. Again, streaky marks should be removed. Sinks should be scrubbed clean with a steelo and the sink hole sprayed with bleach. The tap should be cleaned and shined.

Everything should be dried down with a dry cloth. This helps minimise streaks and droplets of water leaving behind a mark. If these guidelines are followed this should meet the requirements of your real estate.