How To Reduce Clutter

Cleaning clutterKeeping on top of household cleaning can be a challenge and move to the bottom of your priority list - especially if your home is cluttered with belongings. Clutter can make your home more difficult to clean because the items need to be moved and cleaned around and under and the items themselves need to be wiped or polished. It can be time consuming and add hours onto your cleaning time so the best way to deal with it is get rid of the clutter!

Look around at what you own - what don't you use anymore? Is there something you can see that has no practical use in your daily life? If so, decide whether it has any sentimental value to you and if not, let it go. Even sentimental items or family heirlooms need to be assessed. For example, if you have more than two of the same kind of item is it possible you could keep your favourite and let the rest go? If you've been handed down a number of items from a family member that are cluttering up your home, decide which items you really must keep and donate the rest. This will help reduce cleaning time and mess in your home.

The next place to look is in cupboards, drawers, under beds... chances are if there are items that have been stored away for a long time they are no longer useful. Or you may just have too many of the same items which are unnecessary and taking up much needed space. Take a long look at your linen cupboard. How many sets of sheets and towels do you need? Are there any that are old and tattered that could be discarded? Look at each item you have stored. Could it be bought back out into regular household use? If not, why are you keeping it? Free up space in cupboards and drawers for items that are needed or are important to you.

Make sure you go through all your clothes with a critical eye. Is there something outdated that you no longer wear? Don't wait for the trend to come around again. Throw out old tattered clothes and donate items that are in good repair but don't fit your current frame or lifestyle. Make sure you help family members go through their closets too. Have a twice yearly 'donation drive' within your family to get rid of old toys and clothes. Don't be sentimental with these things - try and hold on to the memories instead. You'll have a much cleaner home!

Finally, organise everything that is remaining. Buy a few see-through containers to store items you just can't part with. These will now go in the extra space you created in your closet. Try and limit yourself to just these containers. For example, if you bring new items into the home and are finding there's no room for older items to be stored, something needs to go to make room. Never buy more containers or you'll be back to where you started!