Keeping Your Carpet Clean

Clean Carpet

Keeping your carpet clean will help with the longevity of your carpet and wether you are an owner or renter cleaning the carpet will help with the overall cleanliness of your home. By taking care of your carpet in between a visit from the carpet cleaner you can help minimise germs and create a cleaner breathing environment. For those with allergies, dirty carpet can trigger hayfever symptoms and if you have pets, carpet is a hair magnet! Also, every day build up on your carpet can create grit that can damage carpet fibres long term.

One of the best ways to look after your carpet is by regular vacuuming. A once or twice weekly clean will help keep dust and dirt to a minimum resulting in less chance of this being ground into the carpet. A really good vacuum cleaner plays an important part in keeping your carpet clean. There are many different types out there but unfortunately, you often get what you pay for. The cheaper varieties often have a weaker motor meaning poor suction power. The stronger your vacuum cleaner is the more dirt it will pull out of the carpet.

It's also important to have a good head on the vacuum cleaner. Often vacuum cleaners come with a 'regular' head which is great for tiles and hardwood floors. If possible, purchase a turbo head specifically for cleaning your carpet. This has a brush which spins along the carpet surface helping to pull out any excess hair. Use the accessories that come with your vacuum cleaner to clean in hard places like behind furniture or along skirting.

For carpet odours, try a sprinkle of a carpet freshner. Follow the instructions on the product to achieve the best results. Some carpet freshners also contain an odour neutraliser to help kill aromas rather than just mask them. Make sure you clean the filters in your vacuum as you don't want the odour and dust particles escaping back into the environment.

Carpet stains must be treated straight away. There are many remedies from natural to store bought. Many people say salt will help draw red wine from the carpet for example. Store bought chemicals may help with a variety of stains. Be careful to read the label and follow instructions. Also, beware that anything you add to the carpet may make the stain worse and hinder a carpet cleaning from removing it for you. 

Booking a six monthly carpet cleaning service not only helps you keep on top of stains it stops every day life being slowly interred in your carpet which can create darker patches and noticeable wear. A professional carpet cleaner is advised over hiring your own cleaner due to the power of their machine and the knowledge they have about your type of carpet and the chemicals that should be used to remove stains. A carpet cleaner hired from the local grocery store will not generally meet Australian standards. If you are a renter, your real estate will often specify that your carpet cleaning must meet these standards. Basically, what this means is that a hired carpet cleaning machine often has a weaker engine than the larger models carpet cleaners have. As mentioned previously with vacuum cleaners, this effects suction power and in turn, the overall cleanliness of your carpet.