Make Cleaning An Eco Friendly Exercise

Eco Cleaning

You will likely not be that aware of how a small thing like cleaning your home could affect the future of the planet, but unfortunately, just like the rest of the less green things that take up our day to day lives, domestic cleaning can be really problematic for the environment. You may presume that those issues that you can see, like the smoke coming out of your car, are the real issues with your contribution to global warming, but in fact there are a whole host of contributions that the average person makes to such decline, and it is mostly to do with the sources and production of the things that you use.

When it comes to cleaning, the main issue comes with the massive use of plastics, and the throw-away nature of cleaning trends. You will likely buy J-cloths, paper towels and plastic based sponges to do your cleaning with, and these materials are all terrible for the planet. The way in which plastics are produced causes a number of poisonous gasses to be released in to the atmosphere, and given that things are not very carefully recycled, you will no doubt find that most of these non-bio degradable products find themselves dumped on landfill sites. Of course, one person’s contribution to this problem is not massive, however the fact that this issue is repeated millions of times over, in households all around the world means that the problem is a large one, and only individual efforts will mean any sort of change in the long term.

So, how to change your contribution? You can simply take a look at your cleaning habits, and work out what it is that makes your cleaning a negative thing. Do you use a lot of plastic equipment? Are you addicted to paper towels? How eco-friendly are your cleaning chemicals? All of these things are relevant, and it simply takes a little thought to see that you can change them to a positive thing quite easily. Letting dust and dirt build up in the home can be dangerous, so it is not a change in how regularly you clean that is needed, more in how you clean overall.

Chemicals found in cleaning products can be hugely harmful, not just to germs and bacteria, but to you, your family, and the world around you. Simply looking on the back of the bottle will show you that things are not alright with the chemicals inside, as the words used usually revolve around them being ‘harmful’ or ‘irritant’, which is a little troubling. You will no doubt want to look at eco cleaning products that use plant extracts and minerals in order to clean just as well as other cleaning products, but without any of the dangerous chemicals. These products tend to come in recycled and refillable bottles as well, which reduces the use of plastics.

Looking at your cleaning tools is another way to think about the environment. How often do you throw away cloths? Why not just cut up of clothes that would be thrown out and use them as re-usable cloths? They can be washed in the washing machine, and will do just as good a job, especially wool and cotton blends. You can save a load of cash by simply thinking about things like this in a different way, all it takes is a little common sense! Saving the world is not your job alone, let your friends know how you are helping the planet and saving money at the same time!

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