Bathrooms are kept in optimum condition when cleaned regularly as they receive a lot of traffic, particularly if you have a number of people living in your household. Germs are common in these areas around the toilet, in the shower or bath and in places like your toothbrush holder. Grime and soap scum also builds up in these areas from washing... Read More
Create A Greener Garden - 15 March 2015
Creating a greener garden is easy and can provide therapeutic outdoor time where you can get your hands dirty and let any tensions go. It's been discovered that a bacterium in soil called Mycobacterium vaccae is a natural anti-depressant which would explain why people enjoy spending time in their gardens so much. Additionally, a tended garden likes to give back what it receives and can offer multitudes of fresh fruit and vegetables. There's nothing like a bit of home-grown to make you happy and of course, fresh food... Read More
It's that time of year again - time to change any old bad habits, get healthy and get organised. A new year brings new beginnings so it's time to design a home that reflects the new you. By cleaning up and de-cluttering you can create bright, open spaces to start afresh so... Read More
Often people overlook the importance of the colour choices they make in their home. Some people choose by what is on trend, others choose anything that's off-white and some people paint each room with a wall in a bold feature colour. But what do these colours mean to your well being and state of... Read More
Basic Feng Shui - Entrance - 26 December 2014
BASIC FENG SHUI FOR YOUR HOME’S ENTRANCE Feng shui is an ancient art developed over 3000 years ago in China that revolves around the placement and design of items and buildings to best receive the most positive flow of energy (chi). A positive feng shui home is said to bring good energy into your home that can result in the positive flow of money, health and love.... Read More
When it comes to tax time you really need to know all the things that are tax deductible in your situation so you're not paying more than you need to. For example, laundering work clothes is a tax deduction if you are required to wear a work... Read More
5 Apps For A Cleaner Home - 04 June 2014
Gone are the days of grabbing a pencil and paper and writing your to-do list out by hand. Everything has an app now and they can be extremely useful. The benefits of adding a cleaning or productivity app to your phone allows you to make lists, add alerts and even photos (for a rewarding before and after!) So, lose the hand... Read More
Keeping your carpet clean will help with the longevity of your carpet and wether you are an owner or renter cleaning the carpet will help with the overall cleanliness of your home. By taking care of your carpet in between a visit from the carpet cleaner you can help minimise germs and create a cleaner breathing environment. For those with... Read More
Germs are an every day part of life and not all germs are bad but you certainly want to keep that at bay in your home to avoid unnecessary illness. The thing with germs is that they're invisible - so how do you keep them in check? Well, quite often even though the germs themselves are out of sight you'll be able to notice... Read More
Red wine is often people’s biggest fear when it comes to nasty sofa stains. Upholstery cleaning has had a long tradition with helping people remove the stains from their sofas, in the aftermath of parties or the build up to big events; getting rid of those tricky... Read More
Cleaning Step By Step - 19 March 2014
Whilst every room in a home is different, and everyone’s home is different, there is a universal truth; cleaning is boring! You will no doubt want to ensure that you can get your place looking amazing, no matter who you are, but if that means slogging around the house, trying to get it all cleaned and sorted... Read More
Gardening is among the favourite hobbies of people of all ages. It is relaxing and makes you forget about your troubles and concentrate mainly on the good condition of your garden – the plants, the bushes, the hedge trimming and the lawn mowing. Garden cleaning is just like... Read More
How To Reduce Clutter - 04 March 2014
Keeping on top of household cleaning can be a challenge and move to the bottom of your priority list - especially if your home is cluttered with belongings. Clutter can make your home more difficult to clean because the items need to be moved and cleaned around and under and the items themselves need to be wiped or polished. It can be time consuming and add hours onto... Read More
Cleaning can be a hard thing to get started, particularly if you're a working professional and your 'me' time is like gold. Spending hours on cleaning the home after work or on the weekend can fall into the low priorty category. Unfortunately, after a few weeks of this the house can get away on you and everything all of a sudden seems to have a layer of dirt and the house just won't wait anymore. To avoid this scenario our professional cleaners have provided the following tips. Read More
Reduce The Cost Of Cleaning - 21 February 2014
Cleaning is expensive; from the price of the tools that you use, to the cleaners that you slosh all over the house, everything costs something, and they tend to cost rather a lot! Unfortunately it is not a case of cleaning less, as the dirt and dust that can be found in the home is mainly composed of... Read More
Removing Oil And Grease Stains - 19 January 2014
Grease and oil are the source of one of the hardest to remove stains. Whether you have worked under your car, deep fried some food or forgotten something that made grease stains in your pocket, we've got a few cleaning solutions that will prevent you a headache! Here are some tips on how to win the... Read More
Keeping Bedroom Areas Clean - 27 December 2013
Getting your kids to keep their room tidy can be a chore in itself. You don't want to be nagging at them but you want to keep your house clean! Having toys and clothes on the floor can be a safety hazard and makes it hard to find what you are looking for. By adding a bit of organisation you can have a tidy home and teach your children... Read More
Cleaning At Christmas - 21 December 2013
Christmas holidays are upon us and this can mean the influx of family, friends and... mess! It's hard to avoid at this time of year. Visitors are coming and going, you're in and out of the house - not to mention Christmas day and all the rubbish left behind from gifts. Keeping on top of this mess is easy if you have a few days off and set aside a few hours to get things in order.Organisation is key to avoid a Christmas rubbish blow out over the... Read More
If you feel like the cost of cleaning products are getting a little ridiculous then you are not alone! There are many out there who are looking to reduce the amount of money that they spend overall. If you want to save money on your weekly shop, then saving cash on your cleaning products is a great way to start. Unfortunately it is not a case of cleaning... Read More
Cleaning Chores - 03 December 2013
If you think about it carefully, there is not much that is at all difficult about cleaning and people wonder why others can pay a lot of money to have their homes professionally cleaned. The fact of the matter is that there is a connection between the way in which cleaning is not difficult, and how unappealing it is. The reason that most... Read More
Eco Cleaning - 20 November 2013
You will likely not be that aware of how a small thing like cleaning your home could affect the future of the planet, but unfortunately, just like the rest of the less green things that take up our day to day lives, domestic cleaning can be really problematic for the environment. You may presume that those issues that you can see, like the... Read More
5 Natural Cleaning Products - 16 November 2013
Many people have started looking for alternavite ways of cleaning their home without using harsh chemicals. Particularly as there has been an increase in children developing allergies that are a reaction to their environment. People want to have a clean home without the nasty side affects and cleaning supplies can be expensive - so how do you keep your home clean and avoid the costs and... Read More
Bathroom Cleaning - 31 August 2013
Cleaning your bathroom to real estate standard is imperative if you want to receive your bond back. There are lots of different styles of bathrooms out there and you need to use good cleaning products. But, as Brisbane has a mix of old and new houses, you need to be careful with your chemicals. For example, we use a commercial calcium remover on glass screens. This contains phosophoric acid which actively removes calcium build up as well as rust from metal containers. Once sprayed on the glass it attacks the calcium build up and after being left for 30-60 mins can usually be wiped... Read More
Bond Clean Brisbane - 19 August 2013
It's important when your kitchen is cleaned to reach every spot - some you may not even have thought about! A good bond cleaner should know all the places that will be dirty and that a real estate may check.A good cleaning list for the kitchen is as follows:Cleaning cupboards - when cleaning cupboards they need to not only be done inside on the shelf but also on the walls at the back of the shelf. A lot of marks can appear here from pots and pans etc. The door also needs to be done, both inside and out, as well as the edges of the doors including the bottom edge... Read More
Bond Cleaners Brisbane - 19 August 2013
If you're moving out of your property you want to do everything you can to make sure you get your bond back. Your first point of call is to check your lease agreement. This will state everything the real estate expects you to do to have the property back the way the want it. For example, some real estates will require you to get a general pest control. If you had a pet you will almost certainly need a flea treatment and carpets most often need a professional clean.Hiring a bond cleaner in Brisbane is a good way to get your bond back because bond cleaners know what needs to be... Read More
Carpet Cleaners Brisbane - 15 August 2013
When choosing a carpet cleaner in Brisbane you want to make sure of a few things: Do they clean to Australian standard? Will they use a pre-spray and deodoriser? Do they understand how to remove stains? CLEANING TO AUSTRALIAN STANDARDThe Australian standard for carpet cleaning is 250 psi. PSI stands for pounds per square inch. This relates to the pressure applied by the carpet cleaning machine. The higher the psi the more thorough the clean. Imagine having a vacuum cleaner that doesn't have much power. It won't... Read More