How to Choose a Painter for Your Home?

How to Choose a Painter for Your Home?

You have decided it is time to give your home a facelift!  Finances are made ready, inquiries are made, and your kids’ ideas for the colours and themes have been taken into consideration.  

Now it is time to hire a good painter for your home painting assignment.  Hiring a professional painter will make the process go efficiently from beginning to finish.  There are many factors to consider when hiring a painting company.  Here are some of them;


Ensure that the painting company has the knowledge and understanding of your project by choosing one that has completed projects similar to yours.  If you happen to live in Queensland, then you can look for an expert painter in Howard. They can recommend materials and techniques that work best for you based on their experience.


When you are searching for a painter, check what their main focus is.  Some specialize in exteriors while others specialize in interior painting.  Narrow down your results by indicating interior or exterior as well as residential or commercial while you search.

Formal Estimate

After meeting with the painter in person and discussing the project in detail, the painter should provide a written formal estimate of the cost.  They should also discuss any of your questions or concerns.


Hiring a professional painter is the best option, as it will be less cumbersome and save a lot of time for you.  The painting team should arrive in uniform and on time to get ready.  Once the work is done, a full clean-up should be performed.

Insurance & Licenses

Ask for proof of their insurance policy and licensing to the job site.  Review the documents and ensure that they are able to work in your zone carefully.  Make sure that their procedure covers any harm to your household and any accidents the painters may suffer so that you are not held liable for them.  If they hire subcontractors, make sure they are insured as well.

Warranty Period

Many painters offer a guarantee for a set period of time to ensure the paint quality.  Talk to each painter about how long is their warranty period and what they’ll do if something goes wrong.


You can get a lot of references from online reviews.  It lets you understand what kinds of experiences people have had with that particular painter.  Go through the reviews on sites such as Google, Yelp and FB.  Choose a company with over 4 stars.

Alternatively, ask the painter for a list of previous clients from the past 2 – 3 years.  By checking them out, you can get a fresh application as well as how the paint ages. Chat with any of the referee given to see if they would recommend those painters.

Pitfalls to Watch Out When Choosing a Painter

  • Watch out for companies that promise a quick turnaround time as they may try to cut corners with preparation and application. 
  • Observe how long they take to answer your questions.  An experienced painter can offer quick, knowledgeable answers while an inexperienced one may hesitate or be vague about the techniques/processes.  
  • Ensure you have an estimation in writing so that you don’t get ripped off later on. 


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