How To Deep Clean Your Bathroom

How To Deep Clean Your Bathroom

As a homeowner, you need to regularly clean your house. This is true for all of the rooms inside your home, especially the bathroom. As you can imagine, it gets quite dirty, which can affect your health in the long run. This is why you need to deep-clean your bathroom at least once a month.

If you’re wondering how exactly you’re supposed to do this, keep reading.

Get Rid Of The Clutter

You probably have a lot of junk stored in your medicine cabinet. If you do, you’re like the rest of us, so don’t worry. All you have to do is look through the assortment present and pick out the things that are out of date, or aren’t used anymore. Now, discard them.

The medicine cabinet may not be the only place with junk. You could have an array of shampoos, soaps and conditioners you don’t use, lying around. They’re unnecessary clutter which must be removed. With this step covered, the space will already look and feel better.

Pull Out The Rag

You’ll need a trusty piece of cloth for your deep cleaning journey. You can start off with your bathroom mirror. It needs to be shiny, which the accumulation of dust doesn’t allow. Thankfully, the cloth dipped in some hot water will remedy this.

The dust would accumulate on the medicine cabinets as well. So, take a dampened cloth to its surface. Your light fixtures would have the most dust- tend to them as well.

Clean the Tiles

The tiles in your bathroom collect dirt regularly, which is a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. Thus, they need to be sterilized regularly.

You can do this with little effort. All you need to do is wipe the tiles with an all-purpose cleaner, then switch on the hot water in the shower. Hopefully, the steam will mix with the cleaner and fully sanitate the tiles.

All you’d have to do is come back in half an hour and wipe down the tiles, releasing any trapped muck.

Get The Chemicals

For your sink, wipe down the bathroom basins with an all-purpose cleaner, then wash it off with hot water.

For the faucet, you can wipe it down with all purpose cleaner and a cloth, but many prefer disinfecting wipes instead.

In terms of your bathtub, pour vinegar down its drain and wipe the surface with a cleaner. Once this is done, turn on the hot water and let it soak. You could clean the faucet with disinfecting wipes as well, but a trend is to fill a bag with vinegar, tying it onto the tub’s faucet.

Lastly, your toilet bowl. You have to add baking soda into the bowl in a bid to remove any stains. Let it be for 5 minutes, then brush it and flush. Remember to also add the cleaner to its surface.

With the above in consideration, your bathroom will surely be deep cleaned. Hopefully, you take use of the mentioned suggestions.


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