How to Style Your Bedroom and Make It Feel Super Homey

How to Style Your Bedroom and Make It Feel Super Homey

Your bedroom can become your own personal sanctuary. Have you ever noticed that if you ever went into someone’s bedroom, it is a subtle reflection of their own personality. Suppose you entered the bedroom of a very girlie girl who loves their colours and loves to decorate, this will obviously be reflected in her room, for instance she will have furniture of different colours, her sheets will most definitely be of vivid colours and her wall paper could be a multitude of colours as well.

Likewise, if you visit the room of a more serious and less stylish person, then this is would be reflected as well; they would have much plainer furniture, if any at all, possibly no interesting wall paper and maybe some light furniture. This is so because we tend to make our own space more closely to who we are in real life rather than it being just another place we come home to.

On the other hand, the other areas of the home can sometimes be completely contrasting to your own bedroom, say a non-stylish person could have an extremely stylish living space or a colour loving person could have a minimalistic living space.

The idea here is to create a space in which you’re are at your lost comfortable and majority of the people tend to find that in their bedroom.

One of the most generic ways to go about this would be to make sure you get in plenty to light; you can never go wrong with too much natural lights. Get some stylish blinds from windo that would match any theme in your own bedroom to add to the complete look of the place.

Buy Some Good Furniture

Another thing that can make your room all homey and comfortable is having the right furniture. The bed is the most obvious one and you need to make sure that you get the perfect bed for you to sleep one. The bed I’ll definitely play a big role; you need to make sure that you’re comfortable with the bed you purchase because this will become really crucial if you aren’t happy with it.

Aside from the bed, make sure to get other pieces of furniture as well. The obvious ones being a dresser drawer, a mirror, a desk and chair, a shoe rack etc. make sure to also get an extra chair or a little ottoman for sitting. You’ll be surprised how handy one of these becomes when you’re having a friend or two over and they can simply sit on one of those instead of awkwardly sitting on the bed.

Paint Your Room a Comfortable Colour

Just because you like the colour red doesn’t mean that it needs to go up as the colour of your wall. No, that would be a nightmare, quite literally. When choosing the colours for your bedroom walls, make sure they are soothing and appropriate to your decor.

Go for lighter tones and if you are super keen on a darker colour, then make one of the four walls a dark colour and this will add an extra sense of style to it. But don’t make the mistake of making all four walls a dark colour because trust me you’ll end up feeling super uncomfortable at some stage


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