Pros And Cons Of Buying A House Off The Market

Pros And Cons Of Buying A House Off The Market

We all look for a house to live in at one point of a time in our lives. Some are high achievers who will be able to afford a house for their own as soon as they pass out of college. Others will have to pay their student loans and wait for the opportune moment to afford another mortgage on a new house. Even the richest person on earth will consider the value of the place they are buying, not just the monetary value, but also the value of what you go through to own that house, time value of money, future money spent (NPV known as Net Present Value) and more.

What Are The Main Advantages?

When you choose to buy an already constructed house, you are aware of what you are getting in to. The house is physically present as opposed to a blueprint or a plan on paper. You can do a “pre-purchase” inspection of the building to ensure there is nothing wrong, or even to know that there are some slight shortcomings which you can attend to later. In simpler terms, you know what you are getting in to. With the scarceness of bare land nowadays, it is sometimes even impractical to wish to buy one closer to the city. Or closer to at least public transportation, a shopping mall or a school.

Financial Aspect

The danger of planning to build a house is that you have no idea what will happen in the future. Will the building material prices go up? Will the labor costs stay the same? How good is the construction company you have hired? What sort of land have you bought or hoping to buy and will you get such a land? In banks or financial institutions side, they may request a smaller deposit for a mortgage on a house off the market rather than a house to be built.

What Are The Cons Of Buying A House?

When you are looking for houses in the semi-urban areas you might bump into a lucky piece of land and a beautiful house such as Narre Warren property for sale. Some might not get that lucky, ridiculous claims such as families coming to own haunted houses are ridiculous but there are some risks in buying an already constructed house as well. But it is not difficult to overcome those. You have to check carefully before pledging to anything. Inspect deeds and run all relevant document by an attorney. Check with the pertinent state or governmental institutions to ensure everything is in order.

Visiting Every House Is Not Easy

It is true that unless you do a thorough inspection of documents of a house it should not be bought. Unless you walk around in it and experience the place as it is, it would be difficult to decide to go ahead or not. But it is also not easy to visit every house you see in the newspaper. The best solution for that is to hire a reputed real estate agency who can walk around and “feel it” for you at the outset. You can brief them about what kind of a house you are looking for. Upon their assurance you can dedicate a time to visit a chosen few places only.

Starting life in a new residence is a dream of many. Make it come true by being thorough in choosing the right path.


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