Types of Dining Tables for Your House

Types of Dining Tables for Your House

The table of your dining room is one of the most important tables in the house. Not only is it a place where your family and guests gathers but it is also where many of you use to work or do your homework. When choosing the right furniture for the dining room, the design and the style do matter. But in order to make sure it fits well with the rest of the architectural theme of the house you also need to think of the material it is made of. Here are some dining table types made of various materials for you to pick from.

Wooden Tables

This is one of the most popular table ideas for dining rooms. What is best with natural wood is that it matches with a lot of interior decorating styles and never goes out of style either. Wood such as oak, mahogany, birch, maple, walnut, ash, and cherry are some of the most durable and stable wood types and you can use furniture made of them for many years. But the downside to them is that they are expensive. Those made of softwood such as pine, cedar, fir, spruce, and larch are comparatively less durable but also cheaper than the hardwood tables. Wooden tables however need careful maintaining as they can get damaged by heat or moisture and expands and contracts easily.


Concrete tables are fatly becoming the latest trend in home living. Concrete furniture comes with a lot of advantages. They are durable, even more than the hardwood tables. You don’t have to worry about damages from moisture or heat or even worry about pets or young kids damaging the furniture. They are also available in many designs and styles allowing you to pick any style that matches with the rest of your interior décor. Moreover, you can also change the colour according to your preferences or not colour it if you want a look that is more unique and natural.


Looking for a sleek, modern looking table? Then this is one of the table types you can try. The table top is made of glass while the frame is usually made of either wood, metal or stone. If you are looking for furniture to fit in a smaller space, this is one the ideal tables as glass will make it look like not much space of the room is taken by the furniture. These add an elegant and minimalist look to the house but since the chairs will be visible than with other tables, you will have to choose chairs that are stylish and match the table. But if you have pets or toddlers at your house, glass table might not be the best choice for dining room furniture.


There are also tables made of stone such as marble granite or quartz. Marble table tops can give off an elegant and luxurious appearance to any room. Its surface is easy to clean but can be easily stained or scratched so you need to watch out for hot or icy containers. Granite is best for both contemporary and traditional themed interior decoration. It is also resistant to heat and durable but needs to be resealed after sometime if you want to maintain its sleek look. Granite tables are also expensive. Another type of stone is quartz which is highly durable but is easily damaged. However, it can also add a modern look to the place.

The best way to decide if a material is right for you is to try matching it with the rest of the interior decoration of the house. Pay attention to the texture, design and the colour before you purchase them.


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