Why You Should Pay for A Building Inspection Before Buying A New Home

Why You Should Pay for A Building Inspection Before Buying A New Home

There are so many steps involved with buying a new home. If you are not careful, you may miss a few, such as a building inspection. Some prospective home buyers either forget or don’t want to pay for a building inspection. That’s certainly a decision you’ll come to regret if you do the same. Here are the main reasons why a building inspection is a must for prospective homeowners:

Control a Pest Inspection

That apartment or the house you want may look stunning in pictures. Even home tours are carefully curated to showcase the best side of a property. What you may not see are the vermin, like rats or cockroaches, that may have taken up residence long before you have.

A building inspection would definitely expose a potential pest problem before you make the final purchase. Presence of pests would require you to make a plan to get rid of them before you move in. An early spotting may help you negotiate a clean-up with the old owners. Best case scenario, it might even help you get a reasonably low price on the property.

Don’t Underestimate Mould

Prospective buyers certainly give new property look overs during tours and visits. But even the keenest eye may not spot the mould growing behind the kitchen sink. Spotting recurring nuisances like mould require professional eyes and the right tools.

You may not think that the beautiful flat in Murray Bridge has these problems. To be on the safe side, you need to get the inspection done. Mould is largely harmless, but some varieties are decidedly not so. In this sense it does make a lot of sense to pay for a building inspection.

Decontaminate (Possibly) before Moving in

Say you are looking through homes in Morphett Vale, and you choose a charming little place. Unfortunately, when you are about to move in, you are told that the place used to be a meth lab.

It’s becoming harder to tell which properties are being used for illicit drug operations. Realtors and owners prefer to stay mum about it. But a building inspection could expose the such secrets and safeguard your purchase.

Spot Structural Problems

It’s not just the mould or pests a building inspection may uncover; it might even help you find out structural problems with the home or apartment. There are professional inspectors who can inspect a building for physical damage, particularly to the foundation.

You definitely are overpaying if the house has sustained actual damage. Hire a building inspector to avoid problematic places that agents may gloss over.

Be Confident about Your Purchase

Overall, a building inspection will help you make smart decisions when it comes to buying a home. A property that passes the inspection should help you be more confident about taking up a mortgage. Real estate agents could lie to your face about a new building. So, make sure an inspection is a tool available to you before a purchase.

Even if a building inspection cost money, it would be nothing compared to buying an apartment with a mould problem, or worse. So, heed the above reasons and pay for a building inspector before it’s too late.


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