Factors to Consider Before Extending a House

Factors to Consider Before Extending a House

A house extension is a perfect way to add more space in your home. It is a lot cheaper than moving into a new place. Aside from that, extending your current house allows you to stay in the place you love; you don’t have to start over again. If you’re planning to add more living space to your home, here are the important things that should be considered first.


Just like any other home improvement project, determining the budget is the first thing that should be done in planning your house extension. It’s normal to have so many ideas and get excited about extending however, be sure to set a realistic budget on how much you could afford to spend. Don’t forget to set an extra amount for unexpected expenses and obstacles that you might encounter during the construction process. Stick to the budget as much as possible to avoid ending up with financial struggles after the construction.

Cost of Project

After deciding on the budget, the next step is to go out and get quotes. Each builder has different offers so it is best to ask around first and find the best deal that suits your budget and preferences. Aside from the building materials, the people you hire to build the extension also affect the overall cost of your project. If the budget is not enough to cover the total cost of the project, you can either save up until you reach the needed amount or simplify your extension plan for lesser cost. If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to seek advice from the expert in residential house extensions Melbourne to help you plan out the best house extension.

Function of the Extension

Before starting anything else, determine first the purpose of your planned extension. It could be a spare room, a playroom, an office, a workshop, or whatever you want it to be. Knowing its purpose makes it a lot easier to plan and design the new area. It also helps prevent unnecessary expenses if you know what you really want to build.

Construction Time

Knowing how long it will take to finish your home extension is important before starting it. Basically, your house becomes a construction site which could disrupt your daily activities as it goes on. Talk to your contractor to get an estimate so you can plan and make arrangements ahead especially if you need to move out of your house for a while. Longer building time could also cost you more because you’ll be paying for the additional time of your workers to complete the project.

Who to Hire

After all the planning steps, finding the best contractor that suits the project is the next thing to do. You may ask around, look for referrals or even do some research and create a shortlist of your preferred contractors. Ask around to find great deals that suit your budget.

Keeping these things in mind can greatly help you in achieving a successful house extension project.


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