How To Renovate Your Home Economically

How To Renovate Your Home Economically

Are you fed up of your house looking like it belongs in the 80s? The solution is simple- renovate! What’s that you say? ‘But it’s too expensive!’ We understand the financial struggles of renovating your house to look like Nancy’s down the block but there are many ways you can cut down on your costs, however, and do things economically. Here’s a small guide on giving your home a much needed update while being as economically conscious as possible.


First things first create the big picture in your head and then get it mapped down. Once you hire an architecture to set down your requirements, you’ll have measurements to work with as well. As a rule of thumb, when buying your products don’t settle for the first shop that comes your way. The classy lamp you saw at a luxury boutique can be bought for a much lower price at a less popular shop. The trick is to commit to your research and hunt down all those thrift shops and second-hand furniture shops for those hidden gems. 

The Lawn

You can Visit the Preferred Turf website to get an idea of what it would look like to install a synthetic lawn. The grass would look well maintained at all times, you would spend absolutely zero money on lawn mowing, fertilizing and weeding. You’ll be left with an impeccable layer of greenery that won’t wilt/ die off at any point of the year. This is the best investment you can make in your front yard. Keep in mind that your garden is the first impression you give your guests and how relieving would it be to not worry a dime about its condition!

The Entrance

Next to your garden, the door is also one of the first things that create an impression on your guests. If you don’t prefer a wooden door, you can also consider repainting. A tip from experts, when re-painting your house’s rooms, make sure the ceiling, trim and doors are 50 percent lighter than the shade used. Remember also that the paint color you choose affects the lighting of your house. If you want an airier space, go for a light, neutral shade instead of spending more on extravagant colors.

Small Rooms

Instead of breaking down walls and re-organizing the entire spacing of your rooms, you can always just play with illusions to make your room look bigger.  For example, wide windows or mirrors are proven ways of making space seem bigger than it actually is.

The Kitchen

When renovating the kitchen, the primary concern running through a homeowner’s mind is maximizing space. Cabinets can be quite expensive so once again, do your research before you settle for a purchase. You could even install DIY cabinets. If storage isn’t a problem but your cabinets still look worn down, you can always re-paint them instead of replacing them.

Using these simple steps you can renovate your home as economically as possible!


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