Keep Your Home Safe and Secure with These Tips

Keep Your Home Safe and Secure with These Tips

Beautifying and decorating a home is an exciting task for almost any homeowner. However, there is one thing that is more important than making your place beautiful – it is making your home a safe and secure place to be. Burglars can strike anytime that’s why securing your home 24/7 should always be a top priority. Here are the basic things you should do to keep your home safe and secure from those bad elements.

Secure the Windows

Apart from locking the doors, securing the windows in your home is an essential step to safety and security. Windows are one of the most common entry points of robbers so it is important to keep them locked especially when you’re going out. Regular window latches aren’t enough to secure a window. Upgrade your window security by installing locks or window bars. Another way to make your window hard to access is by planting prickly bushes under it. For more advanced measures, you may also want to install break sensors so you’ll be alerted when someone tries to break-in from the window.

Lock the Doors

Lots of burglars break into a house through unsecured front doors. To be safe, make sure that the exterior doors of your home are strong, sturdy and are hard to break through. Check the hinges and locks to be sure that they keep the door locked and secure. Sliding doors are fragile and needs more protection to keep them secure. You may want to reinforce it or upgrade into smart locks to strengthen your home’s security. The same thing goes with screen doors – be sure to install locks for screen doors for better security.

Add More Lights

Simply making your property well-lit makes a difference in keeping robbers and other criminals at bay. They don’t want to be on spotlight and will definitely think twice to do something bad on your property when you have good outdoor lighting. Aside from the front porch, don’t forget to place lights on key spots such as the backyard, garage, pathways and other outdoor structures you have. Make sure to choose lighting fixtures that are safe for outdoor use. You may also try using solar powered lights and even set a timer to cut down on energy expenses. Aside from keeping your home safer, it is also a lot easier to move around on a well-lit place.

Secure the Garage

The garage is another common entryway of robbers into a home. This is usually their next stop when they can’t get in through the main door or the window. Keep your garage and all the good stuff stored in it safe and secure by adding more security measures such as a smart garage door opener and extra locks. Keep the garage door locked at all times when you are not around.

Keeping your home secure doesn’t need to be stressful. With these few tips, you can gradually start up in upgrading the security and safety of your home and everyone living in it.


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