What to Give Your Friend on Her Wedding

What to Give Your Friend on Her Wedding

News of a friend’s wedding is exciting, it’s a beautiful feeling to see someone close to you enter that new phase in their life and you wish nothing but the best for them. With it comes the thought of what to get for the wedding. It’s difficult to find that perfect present for them.

Decide what kind of gift you want to give, whether it’s going to be tangible or non-tangible or you can even give both if you will. For this how much you can afford comes in to play. Just because it’s your friend’s wedding you don’t have to be extravagant with your gift spending an entire fortune unless you can spend a huge amount. Go for something affordable to you. Set down an amount for your friend’s wedding gifts.

Body or Face Care Gift Box

Your friend would have gone to a spa or beauty salon to get her hair, body and face done, but still, she will appreciate the curated gift box, as it would come in handy even after marriage plus it would save the time taken for her to go to spa after. She would love to indulge in all the goodness, this one makes a really good gift.


We all love to relish memories; it is what keeps us going throughout. Reminiscing the times and finding pleasure in them especially if those are shared with their loved which is why a frame containing the couples engagement pictures or the times, they had shared together makes a sweet gift.


Most probably your friend and her partner would be moving out after their wedding, so another thing that makes a good gift for the wedding is a mattress. Of course, you would think if it’s possible to bring a huge mattress to the wedding. There are options like mattress in a box Australia that makes transporting very easy.


If your friend likes accessories you can get her a jewellery set. This could be in gold, silver or any metal you wish. Go through catalogues and find the one that would suit your friend. Or you could only get a necklace having hers and her husband’s name engraved.


Who doesn’t like perfume, we all love a good fragrance that is not too overpowering?  A good perfume set also makes a good gift.

Carry-On Bag

Your friend is most likely to travel with her husband after marriage, buying a carry on makes a useful and wonderful gift.

Hand Bag And Shoes

Though most probably your friend will have both, she would love to collect more. get her a handbag sufficient to carry her essentials as well as get her shoes of what she likes maybe a sneaker, or heels or wedges. Handbags and shoes can never go wrong.

Collection of Books

If your friend is an avid reader, she would jump at having collections of books. Get her the original set of her favourite novel series and you would have made her day.


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