4 Tips for Making Your Bathroom Safer For Kids

4 Tips for Making Your Bathroom Safer For Kids

When you have young, energetic kids you have to make sure that there aren’t many hazards around the house. This means (at the very least) always making sure the house is clutter-free and eliminating trip-hazards from the floor.

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places inside a home. If you’re not careful, your kids could slip and suffer severe injuries or even end up drowning or electrocuting themselves. Therefore, here are some tips to help you make your bathroom much safer than it is right now:

Never Leave Them inside the Bathroom Unattended

Especially with toddlers, you never want to leave them alone in the bathroom, especially while they’re in the bath. Toddlers can drown in extremely shallow water, so it’s best to always keep your hands on them while they’re bathing. This means you have to stay off the phone the entire time!

Some parents have bath seats installed that keep their babies secured in position. While this does make things safer, you should never rely on it to keep your kid safe while you step out for a bit. If you absolutely must leave, wrap your child in a towel and take him/her with you.

Install Support Bars

Grab bars can provide sufficient support for your kids as they enter or leave a wet shower area. This can minimize the risk of slipping to a great extent.

If you have prior DIY experience you should be able to install these bars by yourself. However with toddlers around, you may have your hands full. In addition, it may be necessary to obtain a building permit. Hence, we highly recommend you hire a local contractor to do it for you. With the help of contractors like Mobility Access grab bars installations should be a breeze.

Keep Pills Out Of Reach

Kids may take a look at your pill bottles and find them very interesting. Colourful pills may give them the false impression that they’re delicious. Hence, it’s best to store away your pills, both out of reach and out of sight.

If you must keep your pills in the bathroom, have a medicine cabinet installed in a high place. Preferably the cabinet should have a secure locking mechanism. Placing safety caps on your pill bottles is another thing you can do. This will make sure that they can’t be easily opened even if your kid manages to get his/her hands on them.

Minimize Risk of Slipping

Wet floors and energetic kids do not go well together; it’s a disaster waiting to happen. Therefore it’s best to ensure that your bathrooms floor is dry by mopping it up as often as you can. In addition, you can replace your existing mats with slip-resistance. These have rubber undersides or suction cups that keep them rooted in place. If your child is particularly clumsy, consider placing no-slip strips placed on the floor. 

If your child brings a lot of toys to play with during bath time, make sure they’re put away afterwards.

Parents are constantly trying to eliminate hazards at home that can potentially injure their energetic toddlers. The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in any house and therefore great care must be taken to make it as safe as possible. The above tips should help you do just that.


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