What Are The New Trends In Furniture And What Does The Future Hold?

What Are The New Trends In Furniture And What Does The Future Hold?

Furnishing your house, workplace or even the outdoors is a great way to give a place character. When you touch up a place with objects you love, you make it your own personalized sanctuary. Especially if it is your home or garden, you spend quite a lot of time there and it would not be cozy if the space is not arranged to your liking. The great thing about furniture is that it comes in different shapes and sizes. It is then really easy to find the right piece of furniture to fit the empty spaces. As creativity is the cornerstone of designing stylish furniture, I believe each piece of furniture is unique.

Change in Concepts

Like any other product out there, even furniture changes. The popular and contemporary furniture designs are light and clean as most households now prefer minimalist designs. The new 2019 range of furniture has a modern look with a vintage touch. White furniture is now back in style as it is both chic and simple. It brightens up a place and most modern apartments are furnished with white furniture.

New Furniture Designs

There is also a demand for aluminium furniture which I suppose is great for the outdoors. It is absolutely easy to clean and gives an aesthetic look to your garden. If it is in black, it will be sure to add a sleek, modern feel to an outdoor space. If you are going for a more casual look, blush coloured upholstery such as lounge chairs made out of timber will be ideal. Blush is the new neutral so you can pair it with anything, even a bold colour like navy.

There was a funky touch to furniture in the 1970s. Most furniture that were designed were curvy and round. Pod chairs are as round as they come and are back in style! They bring a tropical feeling to your home or any commercial area. The egg like chair feels like a cocoon and is perfect to relax and do something you love. 

Personalised Furniture

Furniture today is interwoven with culture and people want to know the stories of where their pieces came from, how it was made and where it was assembled. The advanced technology had allowed us to customize our furniture which is great because it shows our style and personality. You can call it your very own! We can even enjoy a spacious area such as a balcony by owning an outdoor set of foldable and portable chairs.

Outdoor furniture is currently taking over the furniture industry as they are absolutely easy to maintain and use. For anyone interested in DIY, outdoor furniture is the right choice. They are easy to assemble and easier to move around. Compared to indoor upholstery, outdoor furniture lasts longer and is more affordable. Instead of looking out of place in an open area, it adds to the aesthetic look of nature. A beautiful timber bench will take you back to simpler times and help you relax in the midst of flowers and trees.


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